Welcome to our Senior Resources Directory where we’ll connect you to important websites for living and aging well: professionals, non-profit organizations, retirement living communities, government agencies and others. Simply select the category below.

Aging Artfully Resources

A selection of  websites and organizations that support aging with confidence and living your best life at every age.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Resources

Programs and services for caregivers, family, and those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Financial Resources

Retirement usually means a fixed income…the best reason to have saavy financial help to help extend the life of your investments throughout retirement.


Local hospitals, clinics and specialty medical care at your fingertips.

Home Care

Home can continue to be the best retirement option when you have the right support in place. Errands, Home Maintenance or even Nursing services are available to help you stay at home.

Retirement Living Resources

Links to some of Western Washington’s most progressive retirement communities, assisting living and skilled nursing communities, memory care facilities and residential and care-taking services.

Government Agencies’ Resources

Links to federal, state and local agencies on aging. Get information on Social Security, Medicare, and social services for older adults.

Travel & Entertainment 

The Northwest and the world are waiting for your exploration!   Places to see and events not to miss right here.