Writing for 3rd Act Magazine

Today’s older adults are redefining what it means to be a senior. They are more demanding in where, when and how they spend their retirement years. Yet aging also means they can face health, housing and financial challenges and concerns. 3rd Act Magazine is a free, quarterly, magazine that reaches this growing demographic with articles and stories that speak directly to this stage of their lives. We promote “Aging with Confidence” through enlightening, inspiring, entertaining and educating mature adults who believe age is just a number, and their greatest memories are yet to be made. Please take a moment to review our submission guidelines; designed to ensure all of the writing that appears in 3rd Act Magazine is concise, informative, timely, and well-written.

Submission Guidelines & Specifications

Length/Topic – For our print publication we are primarily interested in short features
of 350-500 words and feature stories of 500 – 900 words highlighting issues that are interesting, entertaining, important and relevant to older adults in the third act of their lives. (Articles for publication on our website can be longer.) These relate to health, home, family, community, moving, aging, memory health, downsizing, traveling, caregiving, legal, financial, living well at any age and others. We are especially interested in articles that quote local experts and/or contain facts or information tied to Western Washington.

Voice – 3rd Act Magazine is a consumer lifestyle magazine. Our readers are boomers
and older adults who live in Western Washington and are experiencing the third act of their lives. They are sensitive to aging and resistant to being labeled in common ageist terms. In your writing pay special attention to whom you are directing the message. It’s more effective and respectful to talk to people than about them. Put yourself in their shoes and write from that perspective. Avoid using dated and ageist terms.

Organization – Many people don’t read, they scan. Organize your story so that
someone scanning the page can take away an important fact or idea. Include suggested pull-out quotes, subheads, bulleted items, and/or sidebars.

Art & Photography – If you have photos or a resource for photos, let us know. Great
photos or illustrations grab readers’ attention and enhance the story. Keep in mind that older adults picture themselves as, at least, ten years younger than they are. Make sure any photos you provide reflect this bias.

Submission – Email your article as an attached Word document to editor@3rdActMag.com. Please include the word count, your name, a brief bio of yourself,email, and phone number in your contact information. If this article has been previously published, please let us know where and when it appeared. You will need to provide us with reprint permission and credit information. Specify if you have any photos or graphics you would like to use. Please suggest a title.

Editing – 3rd Act Magazine requires flexibility to modify articles to fit space
requirements as needed. We reserve the right to edit submissions for publication due to space constraints, grammatical correctness, writing quality, clarity, etc. Be certain that you have double checked and provided citations for stated facts if needed. We will provide you a proof of the edited article prior to printing. Additional changes may be needed, however, due to space constraints that arise in during our final layout.

By Line – Our readers rely on us to provide them with accurate, objective information
that isn’t influenced by a financial motive. Therefore, it’s important that articles appearing in 3rd Act Magazine are independent of any commercial venture and do not promote any particular company, product or service. Accordingly, we will refer to your credentials in the credits, but not the name of where you work or the business you own.

Copyright – Oshi Publishing, LLC retains the copyright on all articles published in 3rd Act Magazine. To reprint any article, in whole or part, requires our permission which will not
be unreasonably withheld. Reprinted articles will need to credit 3rd Act Magazine in one of the following ways: “Reprinted with permission 3rd Act Magazine (issue), or “Published in 3rd Act Magazine (issue).”

Payment – Our standard payment for published articles in print or web is between $25 and $50 depending on length, complexity, how much editing it needs, and whether or not it’s an original or previously published article. If you are a published writer with proven expertise and submit articles that are well researched and require little editing, you will be considered for our paid list of writers at a per word rate of $.25. We will confirm payment to you upon acceptance of your submission.