Weathering Seasons of Change

The Season Of Year Is Changing In In The Forest

By Sue Rowell

The forever changing seasons remind us that nothing stays the same. We can embrace life’s inevitable changes or fight against them. During my time working in senior living, I’ve witnessed how adapting to change with courage and resilience allows us to grow and be powerful.

Over the past two years senior living communities—and the people who live in them—have weathered many disruptions and life changes. The COVID-19 pandemic changed our day-to-day lives overnight, from freedom and simple pleasures to ones of fear and uncertainty.  Unsurprisingly, staff and residents have supported each other through it all. And due to our ever-present, resilient human spirit, senior communities are thriving again.

At Quail Park of Lynnwood, COVID’s challenges and changes have created bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime. We’ve cried, we’ve relied on each other, we’ve laughed, we’ve prevailed! I don’t know where else staff and residents could have forged such fantastic relationships over the past two years. The media harsly criticized senior community living during the pandemic, yet the critics weren’t in the communities—at the heart of it all—to see how we banded together in adversity and met the moment.

Consider Mrs. Peterson. One of our newer residents, she didn’t initially choose to make a move but her circumstances required it. She tripped at home, fell, and lay alone on the floor for six hours before her son found her. She had a short stay in the hospital, followed by two weeks at a rehabilitation facility. It was determined that, for safety and socialization, living at home alone wasn’t the best choice any longer. She moved to Quail Park of Lynnwood.

It was frightening at first. Especially after hearing all the negative information about community living. But what she discovered were people just like her. People with fears and courage. People choosing to band together and thrive through all the changes. She discovered that she enjoyed the delicious and nutritious food, physical therapy, exercise classes, housekeeping, transportation, and fun activities/events.

The challenges of life, just like the seasons, will continue to evolve and change. We’ll get through them together if we approach them with courage, resilience, support, and friendship.

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