Gloria Burgess – Transforming How We Lead and Live through the Arts

Dr. Gloria Burgess is an author, and gifted speaker who has presented keynotes to tens of thousands of people in nearly 30 countries. Her message: that leadership is an inside job. She has encouraged leaders around the world to lead from within.

One of the really special things about Gloria is that she is a master storyteller. The stories she tells of her own family and triumphing over poverty and adversity in the segregated south as well as sexism are really moving. She inspires people to know that your life circumstances do not have to predict your destiny.

Dr. Sally Fox is a coach, consultant, and speaker who interviews thought leaders and artists who are “Shaping the Stories that are Shaping the World” on her Vital Presence podcast. In these episodes for 3rd Act Magazine, Sally and her guests explore the new story about working creatively in the Third Act of life, showing how you can find purpose and pleasure working at any age. Check out more episodes from the Vital Presence podcast on iTunes or at


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