Aging Artfully

AAA Roadwise Senior Driving Classes

AA’s Roadwise™, a senior defensive driving program is an online course designed to positively affect driving behavior and help you learn about and adjust to age-related physical changes. It can be taken online in the comfort of your home or wherever you have an Internet connection.


Changing Aging

Changing Aging logo A provocative blog by speaker and author Dr. Bill Thomas on reinterpreting aging and what makes us elders.

. Logo is building a movement to tap the skills and experience of those in midlife and beyond to improve communities and the world.

Frye Museum SeattleFrye Are Museum Logo

An offering of programs for adults to engage in creative lifelong learning. Programs explore the rich potential of aging and offer opportunities to impact the community’s health and wellbeing.


Next Avenue

PBS Next Avenue is public media’s first and only national service for America’s booming 50+ population.


Seattle Parks Lifelong Recreation Programs

Lifelong Recreation programs focus on physical activity, social engagement, education, arts, creativity, and healthy lifestyles.  Recreational programs are designed to serve adults of all abilities

Sound GenerationsSound Generations Logo

Senior Services (now Sound Generations) is the most comprehensive non-profit agency serving older adults and their loved ones in Washington State.

The Northwest Center for Creative AgingNW Center for Creative Aging logo

“The Northwest Center for Creative Aging (NWCCA) presents programs that inform, inspire and encourage adults to find new meaning in their lives as they age.”

This Chair RocksThis Chair Rocks logo

Author Ashton Applewhite leads a movement to battle ageism


Upside of Downsizing

Upside of Downsizing® Conferences help boomers and seniors simplify their lives by downsizing. Providing helpful ideas and insights about how to make a successful and profitable transition to a healthier and more manageable living environment, 0ur conference is built on the principles of service, support and respect to others.  It is designed to enrich the lives of boomers, seniors, and their families by promoting healthy, safe, and meaningful lifestyles.