Life Amid Disruption—3rd Act Magazine’s Response to COVID-19


The new coronavirus erupted across the Northwest just as we were readying our spring issue for press. What had been a worrisome, but distant, blip on our radar screen last winter has become a serious threat in our region—especially to those of us who are older. COVID-19 is widespread, life-threatening, and life-altering. As we practice social distancing and shelter in our homes we are just beginning to understand how much our lives, businesses, and livelihoods will be disrupted for some time to come.

At 3rd Act Magazine, we are responding in a couple of ways: First, we are shifting our publishing schedule. The spring issue has become our spring/summer issue and is at the printer now. The next issue will be our fall issue and will publish in mid-August. If you are a subscriber, you should be receiving the spring/summer issue within a couple of weeks. If you are not a subscriber, the magazine will no longer be available for pickup in the community during this pandemic, so to ensure you receive a magazine, subscribe here. Your paid subscription not only assures you’ll receive a personal copy and never miss an issue, but it also helps us pay our writers, photographers, and designers; all gig-workers who need the income now more than ever.

Second, we are going to be more active in this blog space, publishing articles, links, videos and other resources from our advertisers and other stakeholders who serve us, the aging population. They are all working overtime to help us navigate this strange and difficult time. I also invite you to follow our Facebook page for other stories we share.

We believe that we will come out of this stronger and more relevant than ever—and that you will too. For the time being, however, the most important thing is for us all to stay healthy, and to do our best to help the people who depend on us to stay healthy, too.

I send you my very best during this trying time.

Stay safe and well,

Victoria Starr Marshall



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