Our Vision

3rd Act Magazine endeavors to inform, inspire, and entertain older adults. Our stories and articles challenge worn-out perceptions of aging and offer a dynamic new vision: Aging is good, let’s celebrate and embrace this stage of life, and let’s age together with confidence.

Who We Are

We’re David & Victoria Marshall, the owners of Oshi Publishing LLC and publishers of 3rd Act Magazine.

After building successful careers in publishing and engineering and retiring at relatively young ages, we have re-engaged in an encore business; one that leverages our accumulated knowledge and business experience, and reflects our current juncture in life. In October, 2015, we purchased the publication Senior Guidebook, a quiet resource that has been serving Puget Sound’s seniors for more than 14 years. Along with a new title, we’ve freshened its design and writing, expanded its editorial contact and broadened the Magazine’s appeal to boomers and their parents.

We are boomers with parents in their 80’s; one with dementia. We face important questions and challenges that are shared by thousands in Western Washington: how to age well, how to help our parents make some tough decisions and transitions, and how to live fulfilling lives as older adults. We seek local resources and advice, all of which makes 3rd Act Magazine a timely and important resource for us, and, we hope, for you.

3rd Act Magazine is published quarterly in Western Washington with articles and stories that speak directly to boomers and older adults. Our writers and contributors are experts and progressive thinkers in all matters related to navigating this stage of our lives. Our website, expands on these themes and provides timely articles, a forum, links and valuable resources.

Like it or not, we are all getting older and will one day, very soon, find that we are the Elders. In our Magazine and on 3rdActMagazine.com, our sage writers and contributors offer wise words and advice to help us embrace our third act.

Want to Learn More?

Listen to this interview with Victoria as she talks about her third act and relaunching a publishing career after retirement.


Photo by Deja View Photography