A winner of Stranger Magazine's Genius Award, Seattle actor Amy Thone has begun playing men. It gives her a different kind of power.

She’s played Juliet, Cleopatra, and Lady Macbeth. She’s also played Shylock, Prospero, King John, and…More

A writer in America who feels he no longer understands his country is in trouble, especially in a nation as culturally and racially diverse as this one.

Some days I feel, at age 70, that I no longer understand America. That it…More

When you’re transitioning from a large home, a good first step is to focus on the positive aspects of living in a small space: less maintenance, greater efficiency and function, and of course, the beauty and coziness factors.

Decorating a small home can seem like a daunting project—especially when you’re transitioning from a…More