Ageless Retirement Means Engaging the Mind

Author Julia H. Gulliver once said, Let us never be betrayed into saying we have finished our education because that would mean we had stopped growing. These are profound words that have great meaning.

In retirement, engaging our minds and challenging our intellect supports a more vital presence and, simply put, it’s just plain fun.

Every day we learn new ways that we can enhance how we age, ways to minimize the impacts of aging on the body, and how we can decrease the risks of cognitive impairment by exercising our brains. When something as simple as this can contribute so much to a healthier retirement, the choice is simple.

Seek out a community that provides you direct access to interesting takes on a variety of topics ranging from the serious to the laugh-out-loud stories of a humorist. By bringing a form of continuing education into the retirement setting, the goal is to redefine the old school identity of retirement living. Don’t be satisfied with a community that thinks outside the box, find that community that has thrown the box away!