Life’s Classroom – Living a Whole Life

Too often we view learning as something you only do in the classroom. Following graduation, individuals want to rest their mind and begin applying their skills. The general thought of a continuing education is not on the top of everyones mind. However, a continuing learning process is essential to keeping the mind sharp and nimble, and it doesnt have to be in a classroom. If you are interested in truly living a whole life with the riches of health, purpose, and happiness, then consider looking in your own community for the following ideas.

When pursuing a passion you have yet to accomplish, community colleges are a good place to start. There are always a variety of courses that may spark your interest; look at professional development, personal enrichment, or special interests categories. Want to learn something more about the computer other than just how to email?Public libraries, innovative retirement living communities, and senior centers have programs just for you. Love to travel? Consider learning a foreign language to help you navigate your way around that country. Not only does this give the mind an ultimate workout, but the confidence to explore and enjoy your adventure too. Love to cook and experience new foods? Look at the mini programs, and food demonstrations offered at culinary schools. Area hospital networks are great ways to learn how to prepare wholesome foods that will fuel the body, and give you the energy to live a long life.

The ability to understand the things that once scared you will now be within your grasp, with just a little basic knowledge and understanding. Whatever you desire to learn will be less intimidating and more achievable, by opening your mind to change. Try changing channels in order to get out of the I have always done it this way rut. Watching new television news stations to gain a richer point of view on topics that you are passionate about, will enable you to understand opposing viewpoints and perspectives. Simply remembering we can learn from people you disagree with, can make you wiser and more in control. Things that unite beliefs are far greater than what divides us. Entertain other thoughts and points of view when exploring ideals like religion, politics, or even your wellness plan.

Too often, folks relegate themselves to what they know, instead of searching for new subject matter to learn and explore. Staying sharp and living with purpose only enrich conversations I have with family members and residents. Giving your time can be the greatest gift you can give to your family, friends, and even those you do not know. As older adults age, many do not have family and friends left with which to spend their time. Seek organizations and other charitable ways for you to connect with those that would benefit from your companionship. Friends to Friends is a wonderful, and free, resource that aligns volunteers with WA seniors feeling isolated and all alone.

The good news is that living a Whole Life can be your sole responsibility; you do not have to rely on others. There is now more research than ever, on aging and senior lifestyles. If you take the time to look for the credible sources that are offering courses on evidence-based breakthroughs in neuroscience and aging, you will be assured to emerge a vibrant student of life.