Look for the Helpers, Part 1

Mr. Fred Rogers told a story about his mother. He said that one day he was watching the news, and there had been a terrible incident in another country that had devastating effects on the people there. He asked his mother why the world was so bad, and why terrible things like this happened. She said it was a lesson to look for the helpers. Mr. Rogers said he did, and sure enough there were people running to aid the victims. People came from everywhere, helping wherever they could. Every time after that when he would see devastating events, he always looked for the helpers, and he was never disappointed.

Today, in senior care, its still a good lesson. We get hit with illness, dementia, broken bones and situations that make it hard for Mom or Dad to live in their homes. Where are the helpers? When you go into a senior community, you should see them; pushing carts, aiding residents, doing activities and being there when needed. They don’t look for glory or wealth. They truly want to help and that is what is in their hearts that motivates them to act.

How many times have you seen something awful happen inside your own family, or to a good friend and thought, what is this world coming to? Look for the helpers. Did someone come to the hospital just to hold your hand? Did someone bring food to the home of the ill person? Did a stranger organize a fundraiser to help pay for expenses? Did someone offer to help you find the best place for Mom to live, and help you put a list of questions together?

When you got to the community, was someone there to greet you? Someone who could help take some of the worries and stress off of your shoulders, while you tried to make the best decision for your loved one? Did someone come with you to help you remember all of the questions you wanted to ask? People arent always doing things because its their job, or they feel obligated. Most people REALLY want to be helpers.

If you look for the helpers, you will never be disappointed, and dont be afraid to ask. People will only strengthen your belief that there is still a lot of good in this world.