Present Moment

Present Moment is an award-winning short film and a production of REEL WITNESS. It is a collaborative project documenting a family negotiating the realities of a long-term, degenerative illness: Parkinson’s Disease. The film is a celebration of living life well – despite whatever health challenges one might face. Our protagonist’s wisdom, honesty and courage inspires the viewer while reminding them of their own innate resiliency. You can see more about the video at:

Aimie_Self_PortraitFor the past 23 years, Aimie Vallat has worked as a social change agent in the non-profit and documentary film sectors. Always fascinated about how the human experience shows both our uniqueness and common ground, her interest in storytelling has taken her around the world; from the townships in South Africa, to a youth theater troupe in Serbia and interviewing Holocaust survivors in Poland.

She is the creator of REEL WITNESS with Noah Dassel, and among other projects has spent the past five years developing a visual library about Thriving Community leaders throughout the Northwest on behalf of The Whidbey Institute. Present Moment is her first documentary film project.