Are You Looking for Love and Companionship in Later Life?

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People don’t often think of love when they think about senior living communities. I challenge you to do so.

After working in the senior living field for 30+ years, I’ve witnessed love every day! The love that comes with the friendships that people build with their neighbors. The love that grows when a widow and widower meet, fall in love, and get married. The love that’s shown when neighbors take care of neighbors after someone has experienced a loss.

Senor living is where love flourishes. For most of us, love and friendship are vital to health, wellness, and overall happiness. At Quail Park of Lynnwood, a sense of community provides these good feelings. Exploring new hobbies together, embracing fitness programs, sharing insights about a new movie, or simply enjoying a great meal in the dining room with friends.

To forge new friendships in senior living:

  • Attend welcome events and get to know your resources: Learn about the programs, activities, and events that are provided daily.

  • Look for common ground: Do you love to garden? Join the gardening club. Enjoy reading? Join the book club.

  • Get busy: Keep strong and healthy, and commiserate over aching muscles, in an exercise class or at the in-house gym. For an easier, but just as effective exercise, try water aerobics.

  • Dinner talk: Not sure how to strike up a conversation at the dinner table? Try, “I’m interested in (reading, music, sports, pets, etc.). Who else enjoys this?”

  • Chat with staff: The senior living community team understands the adjustments that happen when moving to your new home. They also know the current residents and can introduce you to someone with the same likes and interests.

If you’re living alone, isolation (especially during COVID) can seriously impact your connections and friendships. Needing to care for a home on your own can impact your health, in detrimental ways, and be very expensive. Just a short walk to the mailbox on a rainy day, or a trip up or down the stairs, can be daunting for people who are worried about a fall.

The friendships, happiness, support, and love that people experience in senior living can, and do, outweigh the fears of making a move. I’ve heard it countless times in my career. People move to senior living and pose the question, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” Experience the love.


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