Crow’s Feet: Life As We Age

Crow's FeetStories that inspire joy and defy stereotypes about the last decades of life.  Edited by Nancy Peckenham  

Reviewed by Victoria Starr Marshall

I was delighted to discover a few years ago. If you are not familiar with the site, it’s an online publishing platform for writers—a place where they can publish and promote stories and we (the public) can like and follow our favorite writers. Think of it as Instagram for the literary.

You can search Medium by topic to get a selection of essays by individuals, and groups of stories curated as publications. One of the publications is Crow’s Feet: Life As We Age, edited by former CNN executive producer and documentary filmmaker Nancy Peckenham. Peckenham’s mission is to bring “a wide variety of writers together to tell our stories of endurance and adaption as we grow older by the day. It’s a place to speak out against ageism and to share advice. … It’s a place to celebrate our age and to break stereotypes, turn aging on its head.” Bravo!

A collection of Crow’s Feet best original essays and poems is now available, offline, in a book of the same title. 3rd Act Magazinereaders will find the voice and topics explored familiar and enjoyable. Crow’s Feet offers an expertly curated selection of well-written, honest, and inspiring accounts of living with age.


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