Grandmothers Against Gun Violence Speaks Out on Seattle Mass-Shooting

With the recent shootings in downtown Seattle, our own backyard, the level of urgency to address gun violence in our country cannot be ignored. There is a group of courageous women in our community who are taking action: Grandmothers Against Gun Violence. This is a perfect time to join or donate.  Here is a statement from GAGV on the recent shootings:

“Grandmothers Against Gun Violence is sad and distraught following the tragic gun violence in Seattle last night and recent nights. We are equally sad and distraught by the shooting deaths of 10 young Seattle area men of color within the last several weeks. We are heartbroken by the many injuries and by the painful emotional toll now placed on survivors and their families, bystanders, first responders, and the general public.

Margaret Heldring, Ph.D., founder and co-chair of Grandmothers said, ‘Enough. Too much. There are steps we the people and elected officials must take. Unfettered access to guns is unacceptable. This is true for assault weapons, accessories like high capacity magazines, and firearms in the hands of people who are at risk to harm themselves or others. This is not a time to be timid. To place politics over the possibility of saving lives. We implore everyone to come together now.'”

Grandmothers Against Gun Violence has 1200 members and seeks a safer world for our grandchildren and all communities.

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