How Do You Shine?

Your health is an expression of the unseen forces within you.

Every medical tradition I know of—except the relatively young Western medical model—is based on knowing that the heart, mind, and body are not separate, but a weaving, a symphony, a continuum of vibration. To heal any part of us requires increased harmony along the entire continuum.

Our modern Western systems primarily approach healing from the physical level, often ignoring the more subtle causes of disharmony. With this approach, symptoms may be temporarily alleviated or pushed underground only to emerge in new ways at a later date.

Vibrant health is far more than the mere absence of symptoms. It is a shining of light through the body that we can witness as a glow of the skin and a sparkle in the eyes, or a peaceful feeling in the presence of one with such health. Simply living a long life is not a sign of health or happiness.

So, how does one begin to shine? It always begins by letting go of the pain and trauma held in the body, the negative self-talk habits and emotional patterns that feel constricting. As you let go of what no longer serves you, you make space for your dreams, and for your current, authentic self to shine.

  • You can let go of physical toxins through a whole foods detox or cleansing activities, like saunas and proper hydration.
  • You can let go of physical pain patterns by dancing, shaking, doing yoga, and through healing sessions.
  • You can let go of mental emotional patterns through mindfulness, meditation, introspection, guided meditation, and breathwork.

It’s the holding on that takes so much energy. When we hold on to our identities, beliefs, and habits that drain and constrict our energy, we have less energy available to manifest our dreams.

It’s simple, but not always easy to let go. When you do, it changes the whole game. You begin to feel more vibrant, your joy levels rise, your stress levels fall, and you feel more aligned: head, heart, and body—peace at last!

Stacy Romillah is a licensed East Asian medicine practitioner, health consultant, and yoga instructor. She has maintained a private practice on Orcas Island for over 20 years and also travels the world offering classes and retreats. You can access her many free articles and resources at the Vibrant Life Academy at


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