Living Inspired—The Benefits of Pet Therapy

Cadance Senior Living Puppy Daisy

Inspiration comes in many forms. As the trees blossom and flowers bloom this spring, be inspired to bloom along with them by focusing on your physical health and well-being. Set three goals: Spend more time outside, improve your quality of sleep, and become more active and engaged. Write down baby steps you can take and develop a plan. This will help you to act.

Cadence Kent-Meridian takes inspiration seriously. Among the symphony of life enrichment programs available is Furtissimo Pet Program. The newest ambassador is a six-month-old—American Kennel Club registered—yellow lab named Daisy. According to her pet parent Monica Rangel, Daisy loves playing fetch, tug-o-war, and getting belly scratches. Do you know that the simple act of touching an animal can lower stress and blood pressure levels? Walking, grooming, and feeding a pet encourages people to stay active and get outdoors. Rangel, the executive director at Cadence Kent-Meridian, is excited that Daisy will play a significant role in welcoming new residents and visiting often. Research shows that therapy animals and pet visits can increase social engagement, physical activity, and elevate mood long after the time together.

There are numerous life-enhancing benefits to residing in a senior living community. One is that we plan and provide options to stay connected and engaged. At Cadence communities, our proprietary SESSIONS Life Enrichment programs are the heartbeat, bringing residents together to support and create positive feelings and joyful experiences.

Springtime—a time of renewal—reminds us that a positive community environment can enhance our wellness and happiness. Are you ready to bloom? We invite you to stop by Cadence Kent-Meridian. Daisy would be delighted to show you all the modern living amenities we have to offer. Belly-scratches appreciated.

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