My Third Act with Business in ‘Mind’

Art Johnson—Business in Mind

Can we navigate life in our third act with business in Mind? Notice the capital “M,” which continues to transform my entire life and enterprise. Let me explain.

Back in the day I worked at KCTS Public Television and something inside was pressing me to leave and start my own business. It had to do with seizing the whole, newly emergent world of communications and learning happening all around me. It was 1997, and at age 50, I wasn’t getting any younger. This feeling from deep within said to go for it, but not before having to deal with some concerns I had.

I asked myself, “How can I overcome my fear of failure and succeed?” I felt alone. I felt I didn’t have enough power or smarts to start a business and have things work out. Then BINGO, a dear friend and colleague at KCTS gave me a little booklet titled, Your Invisible Power, by Ernest Holmes. And wow, it was just what I needed!

On the very first page, Holmes let me know that I, as well as others, have a “Silent Partner”—God. The capital “M” in Mind is for “God-Mind.” We are all members of what he called “God and Company.” Holmes also let me know that “right thinking” and “right action” are learnable, doable, and teachable, as one’s relationship with God is better understood and practiced. I have learned how to do is what Holmes calls, “Spiritual Mind Treatment,” practically applied to creatively and powerfully address and deal with specific concerns I have.

After stating specifically what I am “treating” for, such as writing a timely and helpful life hacks article for 3rd Act Magazine, here are the steps I practice for Spiritual Mind Treatment:

Recognition: I recognized that God is everywhere, present right here and right now, and that God is all-knowing, all-love, and all-power.

Unification: Because God is everywhere present, this means that I am part of God’s unified and unifying creative expression, which opens the transmission and reception of thought flow through “the ether.”

Realization: With the channel now opened, this is where the idea flow and the communication actually happen. Sometimes, the right ideas are immediately apparent, while other times, they can come to the foreground of my consciousness sometime later.

Gratitude: I am grateful for it all, the recognition, the unification, and the realization of the idea and manifestation that’s on the way!

Release: With manifestation on the way to me and through me, I release and let go—resonating with faith and belief that the universe is at work manifesting what I called forth. Nice!

For more than two decades, “treating” myself to and with Spiritual Mind Treatment has been helping me every step of the way, resulting in the creative expression of New World Communications—my own remote consulting practice and virtual enterprise. The business involves an ever-developing robust suite of global communications and eLearning services such as Mobilization Campaign Services that arrive at world-class virtual conference and trade show events to take on the world’s biggest challenges such as climate change, health, and wealth disparity.

How exciting and exhilarating it is to address challenges creatively, entrepreneurially, and spiritually as opportunities in disguise, and help others navigate their own third acts!

Art Johnson is Chief Learning Officer and CEO at New World Communications For more info, email him at or call or text at 206-920-8067.


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