Front Row Seats to the Aging Process

Sue Rowell stands between two Quail Park of Lynnwood Residents who helped her gain a positive view of the aging process.

Working for decades surrounded by older adults has boosted my confidence about the aging process as I age.

I’ve been working in senior living communities since I was 18-years-old. At the time, residents seemed so much older than me that I wasn’t even thinking about my own aging and the changes it would bring.

It’s quite a few years later now, and I can better relate to my residents. I actively participate in conversations about joint pain, deaths of family and friends, moments of forgetfulness, and more—the challenging side of getting older.

On the flip side, we also talk about our life accomplishments. One resident is being conducted into the University of Washington Hall of Fame!  Another pioneered VitalStim to treat people with swallowing disorders. The approach was expedited through the FDA as a medical breakthrough for dysphagia. Another resident is a published author. These stories and others give me confidence as I live my own aging journey.

At Quail Park of Lynnwood, it’s wonderful taking in resident conversations as they work out in the gym or in water aerobics, discuss a book in book club, share gardening tips as they tend the community’s beautiful gardens and grounds, or just chat while enjoying a burger and beer in the pub.

There’s a superb pianist entertaining us right now outside my office. I hear singing and laughter. A community member stood up to dance for us all! It’s not a great dance, but it brings a smile to everyone. A reminder that life—every bitter and sweet moment of it—is precious.

And in a couple of weeks—to protect our health— we’ll all be receiving our flu and covid booster shots – conveniently right here at Quail Park.

I’m sure I wouldn’t feel as positive about the aging process without the wonderful support, camaraderie, and great role models that I’ve witnessed for many years. Getting to hang out with so many positive agers in such a vibrant, supportive community brings me joy and reassurance as I move closer my own next chapter.

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